Do You Know Who You’re Up Against?

Run, dodge, survive. You are the prey in a 10k fight for survival! Bring it on!

What Is The Hunt?
What’s It All About?

The Challenge

Experience a 10k trail run in North Nottinghamshire through forests, country lanes and open spaces.  All participants will be timed and prizes will be awarded to the top three males and top three females.  Oh, but it’s not as simple as that!  From the moment you set off, you will have people hunting you.  With a variety of paint spilling weapons at their disposal, their sole aim is to hunt you. 

You’ll need all of your evasive skills to make it through unscathed before you enter the shooting gallery.  The final stretch where snipers are positioned strategically to make the finish as memorable as possible.  You have obstacles to provide cover, but speed might be your best weapon. 

If you make it through without getting hit, you will be rewarded.  A £1000 prize pot is on offer to be shared between anyone who gets through with no marks on them.  The challenge is not over if you do get hit, you still qualify for the prizes based on your finishing position.  Do you have what it takes?

They’re coming…

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The Hunt

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